Refund Policy for physical products

If you the customer arranges return with us, and you send back item within 14 days of receipt, you will be entitled to a full refund on product except for delivery charge and we are not liable for return costs.

All damaged or lost products in transit, once left our premises are insured with carrier, they are to be contacted in that case if there are issues. You will be given tracking number for each order. We will help you get to the bottom to any issues if they occur. 

You are NOT eligible for a refund if:

  • Product is marked and not returned the way it was received.
  • Not all contents are in its box and packaged with its original packaging
  • Warranty sticker is removed

Scammers will not be tolerated - We will not be fooled, I assure you.

We have online support and we are available via phone and email to resolve all issues. All issues are resolvable please try not to resort to refund as first choice unless completely necessary.


Refund Policy for Phone Unlocking and Unlock Codes

Moneyback Promise  & Cancellations

The money back guarantee only applies if your IMEI is not found, if after submitting your IMEI number it is returned by the database as "Not Found" or "Unavailable" you will be refunded in full.

It does not apply to the following:
1. The IMEI number you submitted is incorrect.

2. You submit your phone to the wrong service, ie, your phone is locked to O2 UK and you submit it via Orange UK.

3. The IMEI number is barred/blacklisted/blocked and you submitted clean IMEI;

 (You must state its barred, if not you cannot be refunded. We have some services for iPhones with barred IMEI numbers but the phone will only work outside the networks country.)

4. The IMEI number not is barred/blacklisted/blocked and you submitted barred IMEI;

(You must state its clean IMEI, if not you cannot be refunded. For example: If you submit a clean IMEI and youve selected that its a barred IMEI, you will not recieve an unlock and you cannot be refunded.)

5. If your iPhone is linked in with an Apple ID on activation and you cannot remember your password.

(Please Note: we can provide a service to remove Apple ID link to your IMEI - An official un-link by Apple)