At Chris-IT we specialise in all aspects of IT. We are 3 Years Trading from our store in Tipperary, Ireland.

Computer, Phones, Console, Phone Unlocking, Tablets, Satellite TV, and more!

We strive to help you get through your day to day lives in our ever expanding world of technology.

We aim to give you the best services, at the best price and the quickest rate!

Fixing broken gadgets, servicing your most loved toys and providing you with resources and information to get the most out of them!

We offer online support for every aspect of IT, and also providing technical support for issues or errors you may face.

Chris-IT is your one stop technological shop! After all; we are award winning! 

Our impressive list of services:

Phone Unlocking

We have been unlocking phones online all across the world since 2009! We get the codes off the manufacture, so if your service provider hasn't changed the code, it will work 100% of the time.

Get your unlock code today!


Send-In Repair Service - Featuring 2 day return!

Send in your phone to our store for repair, we'll fix it the same day and return it back to you - of course that will depend on the damage!

If you can break it, we can fix it or have the part replaced, its as easy as that - Contact us for a Free Quote!

Apple | Samsung | Sony | HTC | Nokia & All the rest!

Phone Repair

Screens, Charging ports, Software issues, Speakers, motherboard repair,  water-damage repair, phone refurbishment...

Computers, Laptops & Mac Books

Windows or Mac, we have the solution. Screen Repair, Charging Ports, Laptop Chargers, HDD Replacement & OS Reinstall, Virus Removal, Antivirus & Microsoft Office installations and much more! Even Trade in your old laptop for an upgrade; Refurbished or New!

iPads, iPods & Android Tablets

Screen Repair, Charging Ports, Software issues and everything else!


We love our toys too and so we provide the best services for consoles too.

Jtag, Jailbreak, Downgrade Firmware, YLOD Repair, RROD Repair, Console Freezing, Disk not reading, Joypad buttons, PS3, PS4, XBOX and much more!

Other gadgets

If you have an electrical gadget, get in touch and we can let you know if we can do anything for you. GPS, Cameras, Nintedos, wii and much more - Just ask!

Submit a repair here!


Satellite TV - Sky Packages

With our range of satellite receiver boxes, you can get every channel from your satellite and we will provide you with a yearly subscription to watch them!

These boxes can be shipped out to your home, connect it to your sky satellite and your WiFi/network and that's it!

Find our satellite boxes in our online store to get started! Also available to collect at our store, and preview before purchase.

Each box has different features and can be customised to your needs so be sure to check them all out. Eg. Record options, Guide Options, Storage Options.

We do not recommend android internet streaming boxes, but if that's what you'd like we can sell you those too, but we find them a pain in the ass! We do have Sat boxes with kodi to eliminate chromecast and android boxes and we only provide the auto updated addons for best results.


Web Design, Hosting Service & Cloud Solutions - Featuring New Business Setup Package

Our knowledge in this area is forever increasing.

Offering packages with Website Design and Hosting, SEO Marketing & Social Media Setup with an option of File Server or Cloud Solutions.

Check out our portfolio here!

  • Logo Design, Posters, Business Cards and much more!
  • Domain Purchasing and Hosting
  • File Server/Cloud Solution
  • Email & Email Hosting
  • Website construction of Front-end & Back-end - Online Store/Ecommerce, Blog, Classifieds/advertising.

Leave it all to us, in our capable hands! - We even can arrange high quality and affordable printing service.


New & Refurbished Phones & Laptops

At our store we have a wide range of New Laptops & AAA+ Refurbished Phones with 12 months warranty that are SIM Free and without the contract to a service provider! Why have a phone on contract to get overcharged nonsense bills; There are plenty of pay as you go monthly deals to keep you going without the heart attack price! Check out 48 Go Conquer!

Trade in your old phone for an upgrade, find out more here!

Buy a phone at our store today...


IT Support line

If you require full-time help or assistance with your PC, satellite box, or whatever you need with IT; we have support subscriptions for that! But do know this; our advice is free and we will answer all your questions anyway, just ask!

Get a support line here!